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Why Work With Us?​

«Freightbet Brokerage INC» — We always do exactly what we promise, and this allows us to maintain a leading position in the transport business. A modern car park and a professional customer-oriented team are the key to the high quality of our services and first-class service.


We work with commercial, residential, industrial, and military customers, providing you with an unparalleled breadth of shipping leads. We provide leads for local, long distance, coast to coast, military, and international auto shipping. From passenger cars to larger, commercial vehicles and equipment, we’re an all-in-one source for highly-qualified leads. Whether you operate locally or regionally, or you provide international shipping services, you’re sure to find the leads you need to succeed with Freightbet Brokerage INC

Car Hauling

We will ship your car door-to-door on our own trucks whenever possible. If we can get your vehicle delivered quicker by brokering it to one of our partner carriers without compromising safety and the excellent customer service we are known for, we will. And if we do have to broker your order, we’ll be your only point of contact throughout the entire process. We don’t play games either by giving you a low ball quote just to earn your business. In fact, you’ll find our quotes may be a little higher than our competition. That’s because we want the best staff, best drivers, and the best partner carriers and you can’t get the best “on the cheap.

Full Truckload

Our full truckload service is unlike any other brokerage service in America. Our advances in digital freight management are at the forefront of the industry, matching loads to carriers for rapid, automated freight movements, and our brokerage experts stand behind our service. They understand the business inside and out, and will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied.

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